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Funeral Slideshow Templates

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Treasure all the memories with a beautifully designed funeral slideshow template that honors your loved one and the legacy they’ve created. Adjust each slide to capture family and friends’ favorite moments, tell your loved one’s story, remember the best of times and most of all, remember them. A slideshow is a supportive tribute that you can play over and over again. All of our funeral slideshow templates are easy to edit in Microsoft PowerPoint (Office 365). Just choose, download, customize using clear, straightforward instructions and use on location or for a virtual memorial service.

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Our funeral PowerPoint templates help the bereaved remember the loved ones that they have lost. Use as part of a funeral or life celebration memorial service – online or for virtual Celebration Of Life services, via Zoom or your funeral service provider’s program of choice.

Families often use memorial slideshows and tribute videos during a memorial ceremony or the wake. These presentations often highlight periods in the individual’s life many may have missed, but will still value. It becomes a sharable file that can help your loved one’s story live on.

Our slideshow templates are designed to make your life easier. We understand that it’s a difficult time, so our templates come with clear, easy-to-follow instructions so you can craft a beautiful tribute, but with less hassle. Add music, video and photos. Change the text, rearrange slides, personalize it. Our templates help give you the framework to get started. Need a hand? We’re available during business hours AEST.

Getting started on a memorial PowerPoint presentation can feel overwhelming. Here are some tips to make it easier:

  • Portray the different stages of your loved one’s life, with slide photography in chronological order so that it takes the audience on their life’s journey.
  • Showcase the personality or passion of the person who might have passed. For example, if they had a passion for fishing, then show off some of their best catches, if they loved theatre, include photographs of them while in character.
  • Ask their friends for help as they may be able to help you paint a bigger picture of the aspects of life you might not have seen, but would still appreciate. 
  • Consider quotes from their favorite books, songs or movies. Or include quotes that they were known for saying. Everyone has little things they say often, and people tend to smile as they remember them.

Our funeral slideshow templates offer you a framework to help you get started on a well-ordered presentation.