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Free Obituary templates

An obituary is often included in a funeral program providing a background for a eulogy or printed in the newspaper of the deceased’s locality. Summing up someone’s life can be a lot of pressure so we’ve created some free obituary templates to help you begin the daunting task of writing one.

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short obituary template example

[Name], [Age]. Our beloved [roll eg. Father] and friend passed away on [Day, Month, Year. Memorial donations may be made in [Name’s] name to [Foundation name].

funeral obituary example

[Name], [Age], peacefully passed away [Day of week, month, year] at [hospital] in [city, state]. [She/he] is survived by [daughter/son/wife + names] and was predeceased by [children/partner], [names]. Funeral services will be performed by [celebrant name] at the [Location] on [day of week, month, date, year] at [time].

long obituary template

[Title or Position] [First Name] “[Nickname]” [Last Name] died [unexpectedly/peacefully] in [location] on [date] in [City, State] at the age of [age].

[Name] is survived by [his/her/other] [parents, Name and Name of Location; wife/husband, Name; children, Names; siblings, Names of Locations][He/she] is preceded in death by [relatives, Names, of Locations].

[Name] was born on [date] in [City, State] to [Parent Names][He/she] graduated from [School] in [year] with a degree in [field][He/she] married [Name], [his/her high school sweetheart/tennis partner/etc.} in [year]. After moving to [Location], [Name]} began working for [Company] as a [position]. Over [period of time], the couple welcomed [number] children into their home. [His/her] children remember [him/her] as a [kind/gentle/patient] [father/mother] who encouraged them to pursue their goals.

[Name] was accomplished at [skill/talent] and often [example of talent]. [He/she] was a [funny/kind/smart] person who loved [subject] and who was passionate about [changing the world/ medicine/ design etc.]. [He/she] was an active and dedicated member of the [club/community group etc.] and later in life often volunteered at [location].

A funeral is scheduled for [time and date] at [location], with a reception to follow at [location][Title] [Name] will officiate the ceremony. All are welcome to attend and celebrate [Name]‘s life. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to [Charity/Hospital/person/etc.] at [address]. Condolences can be sent to [website link]. The family would like to thank [caregivers/hospital staff/etc.] for [his/her/their] [efforts/care/dedication]

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At Kind Designed, many of our funeral programs include an obituary template to help inspire you with words when you’re lost for them. Find a true tribute, fill in the blanks, list milestones, surviving family members, key characteristics and achievements. Make your obituary a snapshot of a precious life lived.