Venue Poster Template Instructions

Kind Designed templates are designed to be as easy as possible for you to use. If you would like to provide feedback or need support, we are available to support you AEST. (Australian Eastern Standard Time).


After you’ve downloaded your template, you can open it up in Microsoft PowerPoint.

We recommended you re-save the template under a different name, before proceeding. Just in case you need to go back to the original template provided. 

Open the template file. Click File/Save As/’appropriate name’/Save

You’ll see that there is a blank template, as well as an example template.

You can delete the example template later before sending your poster off to print.

Navigate to the blank template. Select the Shape, or the Picture Icon (depending on your template). 

Select the Picture Icon, follow the prompts to insert your image.

If your placeholder is a Shape, right click the Shape and select ‘Fill’, ‘Picture’, and follow the prompts to insert your image. 

To adjust image sizing, image distortion issues or image placement within the set shape, go to ‘Picture Format’, ‘Crop’.

You can also use the Crop tool to move the image around to sit in the desired position.


funeral sign


Ok, once you have your images sorted, you’ll want to compress them. This makes your file size smaller when you send it off to print!

To do that, double click on an image to bring up the Picture Format menu. Navigate to ‘Compress image’ on the Picture Format menu, which is next to color options.

Select your desired resolution based on the recommendations. For example, ‘Print 220 DPI’.

Great work, you’re almost ready to email your document off to the printers. Delete the example poster, you don’t need it anymore! Right click it within the Slide Preview, and select ‘Delete Slide’.

Now, click ‘File, Export, Create Adobe PDF’.

Open your PDF and check that you’re happy with it. 

And that’s it! It’s ready to send to print.

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