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Funeral Program Templates

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Create a Beautiful Funeral Program

A funeral program is another way to show you care when honouring the life of a loved one. This funeral program is more than just a piece of paper; it is a keepsake that many people will treasure for years to come. As family members often keep the funeral program as a keepsake, why not make it as personal as possible?

A funeral program (also referred to as a funeral brochure, order of service, or funeral pamphlet) is a printed piece of paper or card that details the activities of a funeral or memorial service. This handout summarizes the main themes of the funeral while also including quotes or poetry that celebrate the life lived.

Usually the funeral program is handed out at the beginning of the service, or a print out is placed on each seat for when participants arrive.

The words and thoughts expressed in the funeral program differ based on the type of service. With our funeral program templates, you can add and remove wording, ideas or adjust the page order until you are completely happy with the design. 

Funeral programs often include…

  • Scriptures: Often hymns and scriptures are a part of a religious ceremony.
  • Non-traditional funeral programs, tend to have more quotes or poems.
  • Service Details: Time, date, place, officiant, and so on.
  • Participants: The names of those taking part in the service, such as speakers, performers, and pallbearers.
  • Musical Choices: Hymnal Page Numbers or Funeral Song Lyrics
  • Consider including a brief obituary or biography of the person.
  • Share the interment (burial) places and times, as well as any post-funeral receptions.

If you want to add something different that is completely fine too. With our funeral program template, you have the flexibility to add what feel is important, and remove what isn’t relevant for your loved one.

The style and structure of a funeral service program and a memorial service program are nearly identical. Both commemorate the life of a loved one. Our templates are appropriate for memorial programs also.